Data for DIY project (Unavailable)

I'm terribly sorry that I need to stop selling data for DIY profects. 

The action has been taken due to the violation of rules. The paddle shifters, I designed back in April, was highly likely copied by another maker and they are apparently selling it. Since the data was available only for personal use and commercial use was strongly prohibited, I had to take an action in order not to repeat this situation for the future. 

All wheels with the 3D printed magnetic paddle shifters will have a small label on the shifters to make sure it was created by Taichi Sim Racing Wheels. 

Still, I decided to keep the data of older virsion of LMP3 wheel on Pinshape page to download, but it will no longer come with paddle shifters.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Taichi Yoshida