Progress updates


The CFRP plates for LMP2-S wheel have arrived!


The assembly of GT3-A wheel has been slightly delayed. 

However, the wheel is almost completed apart from its wirings.

It should be ready by the end of this week.

Also, CFRP plates for the first LMP2 wheel will arrive tomorrow. 



Apologies for less updates. 

The productions for both LMP2-S and GT3-A have already started. I've reveived the Aluminium plates for the latter and some other components. The 3D printer is working really hard to catch up the delay and hopefully we'll meet the deadlines. 

I've been working on some other options for LMP2-S wheel as well. Here is the render of the wheel with Aluminium plate instead of CFRP. 



A few more componets have been printed for LMP2-S wheel. 

The white grip is a prototype. 



A bit of componets have been 3D printed. The aim here is to finish off these parts before I leave for 2-3 weeks. I've also been testing fuzzy print finish for grips. A test piece (GT3-L wheel's grip) is looking good and will be fitted to LMP2-S wheel.

LMP2-S model is having its final check. Once it's done, I'll order CFRP plates for the build. 



LMP2-S wheel is now availabe! LMP2 is also comming pretty soon.

I've been working on paddle clutch recently. The main part is to be made of carbon fibre. The aim here is to manufacture paddle shifters and clutch from carbon sheet in order to reduce the cost and deliver better options with less price compare to Aluminium ones which are imported from Europe.

Here is the 3D printed prototype of clutch.

All components for the first model of LMP2-S will be delivered this week. However, as I'm away next month, I'll only be able to start working on it in late September or early October. 



Apologise for less updates than usual. 

Another GT3-A wheel is now completed! This was a custom build with more buttons and sick dark colour scheme. The wheel is going to the UK after being tested on my rig.

Also I've been working on a custom LMP2 wheel as well. The price will be up very soon.



As GT3-L wheel is done, I brought it to a testing session. I've completed an club event on RaceDepartment server with the wheel, as well as more than 2hrs of testing around Le Mans circuit ahead of this comming VEC season.

EMS regulation had been changed especially to the US, which then caused the delay of shippment. I'm currently working on paper (online though) work. I just need to wait for the stuff to arrive for now. In the mean time, the magnets on the shifters will be upgraded.

Also, I've made an custom cable for one of the partner team members (Left). The other one is for GT3-A wheel. 

I'm looking to complete the wheel this week. 



GT3-L wheel is finally done. It still needs some testings but overall, it is looking pretty good. I might try stronger magnets for shifters as it kind of feels different from when it is on an Aluminium plate. 



3D printed magnetic shifters have been attached to GT3-L wheel. I've spent all day finishing other 3D printed parts but I wasn't satisfied with the quality so I'll keep working on them tomorrow. Other than that, there's only simple wirings left so the build should be completed within a week and will be sent out before the deadline.

All components for GT3-A wheel have arrived. I've attached some of the switches to the main plate. I'll work on the grips once GT3-L wheel is done.

I'm revising the design of LMP2 wheel at the moment, just to make sure everything is alright. The price will be up soon along with some more cool rendering picutres.



Both LMP3 wheels have been sent out. 

I spotted a couple of improvements on 3D printed parts for GT3-L wheel and they're being printed. In the mean time, I'm working on a couple of cables for orders I've got and for future builds.

For GT3-A wheel, holes on the sidecovers to let cables through have been revised and it will be printed tomorrow.

Also working on LMP2 wheel recently. The wheel will have a few options and a wide range of prices.



Both LMP3 wheels are done and they are to be shipped out next week. The Aluminium case is an option. 



The second LMP3 wheel is to be completed this weekend. Wiring and test driving are the only things left to do.

Pretty much the same for GT3-L wheel. 3D printed parts still need to be finished. But it is quite likely that the both will make the deadline.

Another thing is the designing of LMP2 wheel. Although I'm busy with customising GT3-A wheel and revising cost for F1-A wheel, I managed to make a progress on CAD.



The main plate and the grips for another LMP3 wheel is done. I've placed LEDs and once it's done, I'll solder all wirings to finish it up.

The aluminum cas for both wheels have arrived too. 

For GT3-L wheel, I'll need to finish up all 3D printed parts before wirings.

I've been designing LMP2 wheel as well while doing customisations for AMG wheel + revising cost for AF1 wheel.



CFRP parts have arrived. I can finally start working on the new GT3  wheel. Also, I've received quite a few sets of paddles which will complete LMP3 wheel and I'm testing it on my rig while I'm building another one.



Sorry for less progress updates for this week, it's been pretty busy for me but hopefully I'll meet the deadline for all wheels.

Right-side grips for GT3 No.2 wheel are covered with Suede. It should look even better once they're mounted on the CFRP plate, which is to arrive tomorrow evening.

I'm working on another LMP3 wheel as well. I'll finish the grips this week, then I'll finish electronics later. Both LMP3 wheels will hopefully be ready to be shipped in early August after hours of testing for both.



LMP3 wheel is now complete! CFRP paddles will arrive shortly, hopefully I'll finish another one in the mean time. I'm testing the electronics at the moment and it is looking pretty promissing.

Stickers will be added later.

Also, grips for GT3 No2 wheel have all been printed. I'll wrap them with suede while I'm waiting for main carbon fibre sheets.



Aluminium plates are back from Alumite coating.

Grips are to be sanded and painted this weekend. Since all components are here already, it won't take long until it's finished. 

3D printer is working all day in order to produce components for GT3 No.2 wheel. 



Two cables for LMP3 wheels are completed today. Another one for GT3 No.2 wheel is to be done pretty soon.

The dash for LMP3 wheel is also done and dusted. I'm currently waiting for Aluminium plates for LMP3s and CFRP plates for GT3 No.2 wheel.

Started 3D printing parts for GT3 No.2 too.



The side covers are done for both LMP3 wheels. The display covers will be done soon. Also I'm working on the dash display. I'd say it's 80% done and it only needs some adjustments.

All components for GT3 wheel No.2 have been purchased. 3D printer is fully working on printing the grips of the wheel. 



 Electronic components from LeoBodnar have arrived. 

Paddles for the shifters were bigger than I expected so I'll design them based on the real ones and cut them out from twill matte CFRP.



 Test fit is done for LMP3 wheels. The aluminium plates have been sent out for alumite coating. It'll probably take a week or so, thus I'm working on other things such as cables, designing dash etc.

The grips are to be sanded and painted after attached to the aluminium plates.



 Most of compnents for LMP3 wheel have arrived. I'll drill extra holes on the Aluminium plates for toggle switches tomorrow before sending them out to have them Alumite coated. 

Grips are to be done this week too.

Also I started working on LMP2 wheel. The render will be up next week or so.



 The grips for LMP3 wheel have been 3D printed and they're in the process of smoothing the surface. These will be painted in black and clear coated until I find a solution for rubbered grips. 


 Also, the displays for LMP3 wheels have arrived and checked. The dash is almost done now too.


 More renders are done for the latest gt3 wheel. Hopefully the price will be up this weekend or so. Quick release will not be included.

 Since utilising CFRP plates while keeping the same price range is looking more possible, the option will probably be available for F1 and this wheel, as well as up coming LMP2 wheel. Stay tuned!



 I worked on a new project this weekend. This is a replica of a gt3 wheel and will be available soon! Stay tuned! 



 I re-designed LMP3 style wheel from scratch in order to make it look as authentic as possible. Two of these are to be built and shipped to my great customer in Europe. It will feature Alumite coating for Aluminium plates and Aluminium paddle shifters from Precision sim racing. There will be quite a few options when this becomes available so that it can match your badget.

I'm looking forward to building this already!



 Recently We've been mainly working on promotions. Hopefully I can provide cool contents soon! 

 I've also done some renderings too. Here are my favourites.

 Not only have I received a couple of custom orders, but I'm also planning on redesining of LMP2 wheel. Stay tuned for more cool stuff!



 So I have been pretty busy with other stuff in my life recently, which means there is not that much progress. AMG wheel has been shipped to Denmark though.

 Now I am thinking about moving to WordPress by the way, since I am having trouble with Google Search Console for my online shop and I have no idea what to do with it. I actually preffer to be closer to customers because pretty much all products I make are custom wheels or requested replica wheels. I will keep you updated on instagram so please keep an eye on that. If I do, then it will be this weekend. 



 There is not that much of progress for today unfortunately. However I 3D printed one of the components to test it out. It is looking promissing and there should be no problem with spacing for all switches I was concerned about. 

 Recently, I have been struggling to clear errors I am having with Google Search Console, which basically allows my website to pop up when searched. I am not a pro about  this sort of things so I may switch to Word Press in the near future. I will continue to post about the steering wheels as well as the products I am selling at the moment. Although I might go back to email ordering system. I will try to make it as simple as it can get. 



 Today I've worked on the back of the wheel. Firstly, the connecter has been added. Since I am thinking about upgrading the plug to the one with higher industrial standard, I had to cope with the increase of its size. This also means it will be harder for me to add the second clutch paddle. I could put the plug on the bottom side of the wheel but it may not look as cool as it currently is so I am trying hard to avoid the path. The wheel in this picture only has one clutch but I am surely adding another one soon. 

 I also started working on the clutch paddles. The one I design today is going to be 3D printed in order to test it, then I will make some adjustments. Originary I was thinking about using magnets but decided to go for springs so that I (or you) can adjust the stiffness of the movement. 

 Because of a slightly bigger plug and double clutch paddles, having 70mm bolt pattern is becoming harder. I may switch to 50.8mm, which kind of makes sense because steering wheels they use for Formula cars have 50.8mm pattern. Although I will try to keep the 70mm option. 



 A couple of things were added since yesterday. There is now holes for LEDs as well as some buttons which I am thinking about making them myself. Since there is quite a few things going on around the thumb rotaries (I've added them too by the way), it was critical to save decent amount of room for the rotaries. So I decided to use another type of push switch which also has really nice clicky sound and feedback. One thing I need to do about it is the mounting. I am looking to design the mount for the switches inside the wheel. I will probably add one more pair of rotaries too. Designing the clutch paddles are on going as well. 



 80% of the base model is now done. I still need to put holes above the display in order to fit LEDs. Side covers will be adjusted so that thumb rotaries can be attached, although it is going to be the hardest part of this build. I'm trying my best to make this ready for orders within a week or so.